Sales and installation references

April 2021

In March / April 2021, we delivered 14,000 m2 of refurbished technical floors to Issy Moulineaux (Paris region).

August 2020

From June to August 2020, we delivered 4,800 m2 of refurbished technical flooring to the site at rue Ardouin 41 in St Ouen (Paris region)

May 2020

In the period from January to May 2020, we delivered 6,000 m2 of technical floors to the construction site at rue Ampère in St Denis


In July 2019 we recovered on site av de Messine a Paris 4000 m2 of technical disassembly floors to treat them by our process and relive on site.

JULY 2019

In May / June 2019 we delivered and installed 6,000 m2 of "ecological" technical floors on BNP site built in Nice by ste FAYAT.