Latest disassembly information

November 2020

Recovery of 3000m2 of technical floors with laminate flooring 60x60x3cm slabs in Rouen - France November 2020

September 2020

Disassembly and recovery of 8000 m2 of technical floor slabs 60X60X 3.8 cm without coating on Bd Daumesnil site in Paris September


Info on 9000 m2 recovery of technical floors-slabs 60x60x3cm without coating

MARCH 2020

Renewal of 4,000 m2 of technical floor slabs on site Paris 8th March 2020

June 2019

Removal of a 6000 m2 raised floor in Marne La Valle (Paris region).

February 2019

Dismantling of 20,000 m2 of technical floor in Garenne Colombes